Gerben Lieverdink


Brief info

Gerben Lieverdink, aged 49, born in The Netherlands

I’m Gerben Lieverdink born on 4 May 1970 in The Netherlands. I live together with my wife and son in Veldhoek.

When I was young I started with BMX, I raced on a national level, but never became a national champion. when I grew older I bought a mountain bike and cycled a lot. We are living in a surrounding with a lot of forests, and I cycle there a lot. In the
winter we go on, almost every Sunday morning, together with friends for a mountain bike guided tour, of around 50 km. I also bought a bicycle for road racing and rode 4 times the Amstel Gold Race (a dutch cycling event).

When I was 37 we started with Quad cross. We participated for 7 years in the national competition, in Holland, and rode almost every weekend. Nowadays, we are riding with a motorbike and we’ll ride the national enduro championship.

Meanwhile we started with rally racing with a quad. We started in the neighborhood, and first went to Sweden, and the first official rally was in Romania (Eastern Europe rally) 2011. After a while I rode also off road with a motorbike.

I wanted to be a part of the Dakar rally and test both mental and physical endurance through one of the most exciting and tough races on this planet I follow it already for ± 25 years on tv, and in our neighborhood, there are a lot of people who raced the Dakar already. I know these people personally, and we still have a good contact. I first came in real contact the Dakar when I was 30 years old, we were in Paris at the start of the Paris Dakar rally. Close to the Eiffel tower we saw the cars, motorbikes and trucks preparing for the race.

I felt that I was ready in 2018 to compete in the Dakar in 2019, and competed before in 6 desert races in Marokko. The last race was the Merzouga Rally in 2018. I finished this rally at place 46, and for the rookies I finished at position 25. By the end of this competition, I felt very comfortable with using the DAKAR navigation which has given me the confidence to apply for the next Dakar in January 2020 My personal interest is and was always about Dakar rally, we first talked about joining the Dakar race in 2013, but then I knew I was not capable of finishing it. But after finishing the Merzouga rally and riding the Dakar rally in 2019, I’m confident to make my dream come true, finishing the Dakar rally in 2020!

I started the Dakar rally last year in Peru very good, and rode very comfortable around place 90-100 (see results attached). I felt very comfortable on the bike, with the navigation and the terrain, At day 6, however it took me too long to come through the dunes in the beginning at the stage. These Ica dunes were very soft, heavy and difficult to cross fast. Finally I came through, and rode the rest of the day as asual, However, CP2 was a closed at 18.00 hours, and I arrived there at 19.15 hours. Too late! Therefore I want to make a new attempt this year, and I’m looking forward to the middle east. I was 3 times already with a motorbike in Dubai, and I’m very curious at Saudi Arabia. It looks very promising with the terrain, and climate. I’m a huge fan of dunes, and I’ll hope I can ride them in 2020.

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