Philip Turner


Brief info

Philip Turner, aged 52, Born in the UK

My name is Philip Turner, and i am 52 years old. I am married and i have 3 grown up children.

Sports and Adventure Background:

• Mountaineering
• Jungle and Desert exploration.
• Mountain Marathon events.
• Arctic Endurance Events.
• X-Country Skiing long distance events.
• Endurance Cycling in mountainous regions.
• Military Arctic, Jungle and Mountain Instructor.
• Lifetime of adventure in over 40 countries.
• Rally Riding and endurance riding.
• Mountain Biking, Sailing, Diving.

For me, all roads lead to the Dakar. It is the ultimate endurance challenge. I have done the Mountains, Arctic and Jungles. All of these challenges have prepared and lead me to the desert and ultimately the Dakar.

I want to keep growing, learning and improving myself. The Dakar is something I have always wanted to do and just have to do. I feel I have been training for this one event my entire life. Every mountain, jungle and arctic tundra I have crossed, climbed and sweated across has led me to this one place, Dakar. Its got to be done.

Dakar is the ultimate test and something I have been preparing for all my life and am ready to go.

I am in great physical shape, fully funded, mentally prepared and ready to go.

It would be an honour to do the Dakar, I cant wait.

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