Mathieu Liebaert


Brief info

Mathieu Liebaert, Belgium, 30 yrs old

Who’s Mathieu Liebaert?
I was born in Ghent, Belgium on the 29th of June 1991. If I had to describe myself in three words I would say adventurous, perseverant and competitive. My favourite quote: “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins”
In terms of dirt-bikes I’m kind of a late-bloomer. I only started riding on a regular basis when I was 24 and bought my first bike when I was 27. But ever since my first rally experience back in 2015 I’ve been hooked on something that I’m truly good at: combining speed with endurance and good navigation.
I currently work at Liebaert textiles where I’m the fifth generation and responsible for marketing and innovation. I also have a travelling business on the side called Socrates Projects where we specialise in high-end tailor-made holidays for families.
I’m always looking for new experiences in order to push my boundaries. Don’t ask me to play a game of tennis (seriously… don’t! I really suck), but want to go jumping cliffs on ski’s or driving cross- country on a dirt-bike? I’m your guy!
When I’m not working, travelling or riding a dirt-bike you’ll probably find me on a golf course or a road-bike with family and friends.
Next to being an adventurer I’m also a pilot which helps me tremendously during my rally navigation.
Why Dakar?
For that we need to go back to October 2015 when I entered my first ever Rally competition: the Merzouga Rally.
I was 24 at the time, had no racing experience and hadn’t done any physical preparation before. I remember the first day being an absolute nightmare! It was the hardest thing I had done in my life and at the end of the first stage every single muscle of my body was just begging me to stop. But I decided to push through and managed to finish the 5 day rally without any injuries or major crashes, even finishing 2nd on the last day in the 350 CC class.
I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life, but Merzouga is the most amazing and exhilarating experience I have ever done. You can’t really prepare for the terrain you will encounter on the way and it’s all about knowing how much you can push yourself and the bike in order to make it through a whole week of racing.
Since then I’ve competed in smaller rallies across Europe often finishing right behind the pro’s and spend about 5 times a year at the Wim Motors Academy in Portugal in order to improve my riding and navigational skills.
Ever since my first Rally experience Dakar has always been the dream, it’s without a doubt the toughest race on the planet and the ultimate challenge for any enduro fan. I’ve been dreaming and talking about it since years and decided that 2022 was going to be “The Year”.
Main results:
Merzouga Rally 2015
Overall finisher
24th overall Last Day
2nd PR Lite category Last Day
R3 Rally Raid Championship Portugal 2017
Maçao 9th overall
R3 Rally Raid Championship Portugal 2018
Fafe 12th overall
Maçao 12th overall
Renguengos 12th overall
Hispania Rally 2020
11th overall out of 140 riders
7th M3 category
Andalucia Rally 2020
Overall Finisher
3rd in Enduro Class and Top 10 in Rally 2 until day 4 (mechanical problem)
Rallye Du Maroc
18th overall out of 92 riders in Rally 2
16th Bike

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