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Graeme Sharp, aged 33, born in Zimbabwe

I am 41 years old, born in country Victoria, Australia. I now live in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia with my wife Kelly and 3 children, Madison 14, Harley 12 & Felix 8. We own a small but busy Caravan Park (Avondel Caravan Park). As a child I enjoyed all sports, participating in athletics, Australian Rules football, basketball and tennis. My riding as a kid was only for farming purposes as I grew up on a dairy farm. I didn’t really take riding seriously until I was in my 20’s when I started racing.  I raced off and on until 2014 when my body had enough from contact sport I turned my full attention to riding.  Over the years finding success in many different facets of racing, the stand outs being class win at Gascoyne desert race 2014, AORC round class win, Finke desert race class win 2017, outright & class win at the Kalgoorlie desert race 2017.

In 2015 I competed in my first navigation race, the Condo 750 in Australia. This is where I found my real passion & my love for adventure riding begun. In an event that I produced my worst result in years but it did not matter… I had the biggest grin from ear to ear and wanted more of the navigation style of racing and adventure where results did not matter, it was the journey & the un-know destination that made it so fun.  After my first navigation rally I thought that the Dakar rally was way out of my reach. As time went on I grew more eager and curious on the possibility of making it to the Dakar start line.  In 2017 the planning begun, with some setbacks along the way with a broken sternum and then 12 months later a broken neck,  nothing stopped us from our objective and here we are…..nearly, Dakar 2021!

When I’m not on my motorbike, I enjoy keeping fit with mountain bike riding, boot camp training, snowboarding, water sports, pretty much anything that is active fun.  I love doing these things with my family and friends.  I’m a typical Aussie that loves a laugh and a good time.

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