Olaf Harmsen


Brief info

Olaf Harmsen, aged 43, born in the Netherlands

I’m Olaf Harmsen born on 15 december 1975 in the Netherlands. I’m married with Dorine and have a daughter Esmee who is 7 years old (and rides quad 😊).

After I got my drivers licence for the bike I soon rolled into roadracing (2000). Since then I have raced on pretty much any well known brand and on a lot of biketypes (roadracing, supermoto, motocross, enduro, speedway, trial and rally).

Dakar has been a big dream for me since I can remember. A big period the dream was on top of my mind, but later more in the back of my mind because it seemed impossible to achieve. A few years ago I started to feel that my riding had improved a lot over the years and what seemed impossible started to feel like a goal I just had to pursue.

After crashing out on day 3 on my first attempt, I stepped up the training with my personal trainer Wesley van Veghel. After the rally and training in Spain in oktober I feel more ready then last year. More relaxed. I’m really looking forward to my second attempt.

With what I feel as was the best preperation possible I feel confident I can finish ‘the big one’ on my second attempt.

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