Olaf Harmsen


Brief info

Olaf Harmsen, aged 43, born in the Netherlands

I’m Olaf Harmsen born on 15 december 1975 in the Netherlands. I’m married with Dorine and have a daughter Esmee who is 6 years old.

After I got my drivers licence for the bike I soon rolled into roadracing (2000). Since then I have raced on pretty much any well known brand and on a lot of biketypes (roadracing, supermoto, motocross, enduro, speedway, trial and rally).

Dakar has been a big dream for me since I can remember. A big period the dream was on top of my mind, but later more in the back of my mind because it seemed impossible to achieve. A few years ago I started to feel that my riding had improved a lot over the years and what seemed impossible started to feel like a goal I just had to pursue.

With 100% back up from my wife and daughter we started this journey towards Dakar together. The road to Dakar has already been pretty fantastic with to many highlights to really pick one.

With what I feel as was the best preperation possible in 2 years time, I feel confident I can finish ‘the big one’.

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