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Skyler Howes

Hey! I am Skyler Howes. Born in the USA, I was raised in a small town in Utah. My father put me on a motorcycle when I was only 3 years old, which started the intense love for the sport that I have today. Growing up, my family and I only raced 1-2 races per year solely for fun. At 12 years old I competed in my first full desert racing season on a 65cc bike. The next season, my father developed cancer (which he beat) so racing was put on a major hold. At 16 years old I started working a job at the local swimming pool after school everyday in order to pay for my own dirt bike and begin racing again. From there I worked very hard, graduating school, getting a second job, working 14 hours a day in order to race. I was able to win a 125 Championship in 2008, a 250 Pro National Championship in 2012, compete in the ISDE in Slovakia, and go on to finish on the podium of the Baja 500 and 1000 multiple times and in Baja, my passion for Rally Raid racing began. In 2018 I raced my first event, the Sonora Rally, and to my surprise, I won! Which also presented me a free entry to the 2019 Dakar in Peru. I followed up that year winning the Baja Rally, and set my sites to Peru. In Peru I had a very tough experience, getting sick, lack of experience, and ultimately a dislocated shoulder would force me to retire on stage 6. Later on that year I went on to win the Morocco Desert Challenge and the Best In The Desert Open Pro Championship, being one of the only riders in history to ride Solo at every event, win them, and win the championship.

Fast forward to my greatest achievement. I was fortunate enough to return to the Dakar, the 2020 edition in Saudi Arabia. After suffering a massive injury only 4 months before the start, I was very unprepared to tackle the huge event but I pushed hard and did my best every day. By the end of the event, even with some great adversity, I managed to pull off a 9th overall finish, being the only privateer in the top 10, winning the Amatuer category, and winning the Super Production class as well. Truly a dream come true!

That achievement earned me an Elite, single digit number, and with a lot of fundraising and hard work, I will be able to return to the Dakar in Saudi Arabia in 2021 to do my best to improve my result against the best riders in the world!

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