Walter Terblanche


Brief info

Walter Terblanche, South Africa, 38 yrs old

One of the advantages of working in the oil industry is that when he’s back home in Eswatini (Swaziland) Walter Terblanche can train during the week and still have time for his family at the weekends. A passionate off-road motorcycle rider from a young age, the South African achieved his dream of entering the Dakar back in 2017. Except it turned into a bit of a nightmare when a mechanical issue put him out of the race on Day 4. Since then he hasn’t let the grass grow. Not only has he had ample time to get over the disappointment of his early Dakar exit, he’s also get married, started a family and put together a new entry…

“I want to turn unfinished business into finished business, so while I still intend to push my personal limits my main ambition is ‘simply’ to finish the race. Then once I’ve got that out the way I might come back for a third go with slightly different ambitions. We’ll see. I was actually planning to enter next year but my wife persuaded me to bring it forward by 12 months. I guess I’m pretty lucky because she’s been really supportive and has a clear understanding of what my Dakar dream means to me. Last time I raced the Dakar I was single and without any children whereas now I have a young son and its given my Dakar entry a whole different dimension. One of the things motivating me now is the chance to show my son that if you set yourself a goal with enough determination that you can achieve it.”

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