Wesley van Veghel


Brief info

Wesley van Veghel, Born in the Netherlands

My name is Wesley van Veghel, and I am a Personal Trainer, Personal Sports Coach, Sports Mental Coach and Sports Dietitian. I started my own company in Personal Training in 2013, and have been involved in the fitness/wellness industry for over thirteen years. My experience it applies to Personal Training and sport specific training specifically Includes: sports performance, rehabilitation, elite athlete training, physical therapy,
sports massage therapy and sports nutrition.

My philosophy when it comes to working with clients has several facets. First, it is important to establish attainable goals, both in the short and long term. “Attainable” is the key word in this equation for the simple fact that if one is unable to achieve a set goal, eventually frustration follows, and often frustration leads to surrender. As a trainer, it is my responsibility to help you recognize realistic goals, to develop a plan that gives you the best chance for success, to make sure that plan is compatible with your life and schedule outside of the gym or track, and to provide you with the knowledge and support to succeed.


Below a couple of educations that I have followed in relation to Elite Athletic performance:
* Plyometrics, speed and agility
* Strength and Conditioning
* Weight Lifting
* Applied Science Coaching
* Cardiovascular and Elite Athletic training
* Sports Nutrition and Supplements for Elite Athletes
* Physical Therapy
* Sport massage therapy

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