Wiljan van Wikselaar


Brief info

Wiljan van Wikselaar, Netherlands, 25 years old

Wiljan has following the Dakar rally since he was just a young kid. He grew up in and around the motorsport. Every year at the start of January he sat down in front of the TV watching the Dakar rally. With great admiration he saw how hard it is, to cover for so many days thousands of kilometres trying to find your way in the desert.

Wiljan van Wikselaar: “I’ve always thought, I want to participate in the Dakar rally, on the bike! A real dream. And now, now I want to make that dream come true. I’m starting on the 2nd of January 2022 in Saudi Arabia.
But, although it is my little boys dream, my most experience lies in motocross and racing! So, it’s a huge change of driving and a whole different mindset, I know.
I am aware it is a rally. I must stay calm. Competing at the motocross, it is all about driving as fast as possible for twenty minutes. The Dakar rally is so very different. Trying to get to finish at the end without bad experiences, try to find all the waypoints and then you will be fine. Although staying calm isn’t easy for a lot of people, I know I am. I should be able to stay calm on my bike. My goal is finishing at one piece, that’s very important and of course as fast as possible and in a great finish time!”

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