Stage 2



160 km Liaison - 430 km Special


Mason rode very strong and won the stage, Paolo crashed heavily and completely broke the front, had to turn the roadbook by hand, but he is alright. Tosha also crashed at high speed but little broken luckily. Mechanics have had a lot of work due to the damage and the first 2 stages full of stones, so the engines suffer a lot. Thanks to the hard work of Leon Gwen Sjoerd and Paul, the engines are in a good state again. From today stages would be a bit more in the sand, mason has to open the stage today, applying the opener bonus for the first time, whoever opens gets 1.5 second time bonus every km, 2nd rider 1 second, 3rd 0 .5 seconds, this applies until the refuel. If mason is not caught up to the refuel, he can get a maximum of 6 minutes bonus, by opening he will lose at least 12 minutes today. This is the downside of the stage win, he’s full of confidence so we’ll see. Rest of the drivers off to a good start.