Dakar 2020 Results

The route of the first edition of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia explores the vast expanses of the largest country in the Middle East. The drivers and crews will be facing a total of 7,500 km, including 5,000 km of specials, five of them longer than 450 km. In a country where the desert is king, 75% of the rally will be over sand… all types of sand.  


Stage 1


Jeddah > Al Wajh, 752 km - SS : 319 km

The opening stage is far from a stroll in the park.
It features everything that makes up this rally in quick succession: fast, winding, dunes, stones.
With all this variety, this mini-Dakar is not to be underestimated.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch181403:30:31+08m58s14
Kyle McCoy1048905:08:56+01h47m23s89
Olaf Harmsen 11512205:55:24+02h33m51s122
Kirsten Landman1178505:06:53+01h45m20s85
Graeme Sharp 14211405:45:38+02h45m38s114
Matt Tisdale 14312906:25:26+03h03m53s129
Gerben Lieverdink 14612606:06:30+02h44m57s126
Phillip Wilson 1529805:18:49+01h57m16s98
Phillip Turner153000:00:0000:00:000

Stage 2


Al Wajh > Neom, 401 km - SS : 367 km

Mostly made up of tracks, this day’s challenge is technically accessible. But you start to get a feel for what makes Saudi navigation particularly difficult. It is time to learn to trust new landmarks, when multiple tracks lead to confusion. For bikes and quads, this is also the first part of the “Super Marathon” stage.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch18103:39:1000:00:006
Kyle McCoy1046705:29:14+01h50m04s75
Olaf Harmsen 11511806:21:25+02h42m15s116
Kirsten Landman1179505:53:24+02h14m14s85
Graeme Sharp 1427205:36:52+01h57m42s99
Matt Tisdale 14313107:28:06+03h48m56s130
Gerben Lieverdink 14612906:57:44+03h18m34s126
Phillip Wilson 1528205:44:38+02h05m28s87
Phillip Turner153000:00:0000:00:00

Stage 3


Neom > Neom, 489 km - SS : 404 km

The circuit from the future megacity of Neom is a real gem. Taking competitors to the border with Jordan, the rally offers a series of canyons and mountains to explore on a carpet of sand. During this special stage, the Dakar will reach its highest point, at an altitude of 1,400 metres.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch184504:37:04+01h07m33s21
Kyle McCoy1047905:12:50+01h43m19s69
Olaf Harmsen 115000:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1177505:08:40+01h39:0978
Graeme Sharp 1428205:15:38+01h46m07s89
Matt Tisdale 14312408:21:05+04h51m34s124
Gerben Lieverdink 14611706:34:42+03h05m11s119
Phillip Wilson 1527705:11:58+01h42:2781
Phillip Turner153000:00:0000:00:00

Stage 4


Neom > Al Ula, 676 km - SS : 453 km

On the agenda this day you will find equal parts sandy stretches and gravel sections, mostly on tracks. However, do not confuse speed with precipitation, as the arduous navigation will require some clear choices. History buffs will be keen to get their cameras out as they pass close to Nabatean temples.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch18304:25:46+00h00m55s18
Kyle McCoy1047306:14:29+01h49m38s65
Olaf Harmsen 115000:00:0000:00:000
Kirsten Landman1177006:12:18+01h47m27s70
Graeme Sharp 1426706:10:17+01h45m26s81
Matt Tisdale 14312010:28:52+06h04:01120
Gerben Lieverdink 14611609:29:44+05h04m53s114
Phillip Wilson 1526806:11:19+01h46m28s73
Phillip Turner153000:00:0000:00:000

Stage 5


Al Ula > Ha’il, 563 km - SS : 353 km

In the sandy surroundings of the day, humongous rocks will serve as landmarks to avoid costly navigation mistakes! Less technical but just as impressive as dunes, gigantic sandy hills stand to attention in front of the drivers. The descents, occasionally scattered with desert grass, will require even more advanced driving skills.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch18704:07:15+09m42s14
Kyle McCoy1048306:04:42+02h07m09s69
Olaf Harmsen 115000:00:0000:00:000
Kirsten Landman1177005:40:4101h43m08s68
Graeme Sharp 1429906:46:2502h48m52s87
Matt Tisdale 14311508:45:42+04h48m09s113
Gerben Lieverdink 14612200:00:0000:00:000
Phillip Wilson 1526005:25:3901h28m06s65
Phillip Turner153000:00:0000:00:000

Stage 6


Ha'il > Riyadh, 830 km - SS : 478 km

The change of scenery is dramatic. This time, the special stage is 100% sand, entirely off-road. After a relatively fast first section, obstacle experts will have the advantage in the dunes. Drivers having previously honed their skills in the Sahara Desert will certainly have the upper hand. Then it will be time to rest.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch189107:16:24+02h39m56s25
Kyle McCoy1047006:34:2101h57m53s75
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1176406:25:2201h48m54s69
Graeme Sharp 1429207:19:1002h42m10s99
Matt Tisdale 14310208:20:24+03h43m56118
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1525606:18:26+01h41m58s60
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 7


Riyadh > Wadi Al-Dawasir, 741 km - SS : 546 km

The resumption will be the opposite of a rest day… the longest stage in the Dakar and also one of the most varied. Dunes are scattered along the entire route and the drivers will have to cross small dune fields of a few kilometres. Between these climbing portions, off-road alternates with sectors with numerous crossings where the navigators will have to be on their toes at all times. Fast… but not too fast!

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch181604:53:47+17m25s27
Kyle McCoy1047606:25:46+01h49m24s67
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1175806:06:38+01h30m16s62
Graeme Sharp 1428406:46:04+02h09m42s80
Matt Tisdale 14310108:00:48+03h24m26s102
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1525706:04:50+01h28m28s58
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 8


Wadi Al-Dawasir > Wadi Al-Dawasir, 713 km - SS : 474 km

The day’s loop is an opportunity to head south, where the competitors will find mountain landscapes, canyons and surprising colour contrasts: black stones on white sand, for example… Pure speed freaks will get what they want with a 40 km straight line, foot to the floor, while the few dune fields of the day will demand considerable dexterity.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch1800:00:0000:00:00
Kyle McCoy10400:00:0000:00:00
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman11700:00:0000:00:00
Graeme Sharp 14200:00:0000:00:00
Matt Tisdale 14300:00:0000:00:00
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 15200:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 9


Wadi Al-Dawasir > Haradh, 891 km - SS : 415 km

With this long stage, the Dakar prepares to enter the “Empty Quarter”. The main factor will be driving precision, this time with mainly hard ground and a number of rough portions for those who are not careful enough. On reaching Haradh, built around oil and agriculture, the rally enters a new phase.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch18503:36:03+05m30s
Kyle McCoy1048305:14:42+01h44m09s
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1176204:50:39+01h20m06s
Graeme Sharp 1427805:10:21+01h39m48s
Matt Tisdale 14310406:23:21+02h52m48s
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1525604:43:2601h12m53s
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 10


Haradh > Shubaytah, 608 km - SS : 534 km

The marathon stage demands the ultimate quality in rally racing: endurance. The special in the first part sends the drivers and crews out into the vast off-road expanses of the Empty Quarter. It’s not a place where you should linger, as the route for the last 30 kilometres goes right through the dunes. And night falls in a flash! On arrival, only assistance between competitors is authorised.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking
Ross Branch181002:20:2700h08m45s23
Kyle McCoy1046403:09:4900h58m07s62
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1174502:59:3600h47m54s55
Graeme Sharp 1427003:12:3501h00m5374
Matthew Tisdale 14310004:18:1402h06m32s97
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1524803:02:2600h50m44s53
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 11


Shubaytah > Haradh, 744 km - SS : 379 km

Keep your eyes peeled as the day begins with a spectacle that lasts for 80 kilometres: the finest dunes of the country. Over such a distance, the risk of lingering too long on a mound of sand to take in the sights is real. The competitors will then follow in the footsteps of the first black gold prospectors who explored the region. The marathon stage comes to a close.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch181104:21:27+00h12m05s21
Kyle McCoy1046405:50:54+01h41m32s61
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1176805:56:4701h47m24s54
Graeme Sharp 1428306:44:19+02h34m57s74
Matthew Tisdale 1439408:18:00+04h08m38s96
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1527606:09:58+02h00m36s53
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00

Stage 12


Haradh > Qiddiya, 447 km - SS : 374 km

Composure will be a trusted ally on this final stage, where the positions at the top of the classification can still change. The last hundred kilometres will give the navigators just as many headaches as in the previous week. But the finish line is not far! A 20 km special section, with no impact on the general classification, will also select the winner of the “Qiddiya Trophy”, immediately before climbing onto the final podium.

Driver:Number:Stage Ranking:Stage Time:Variation:General Ranking:
Ross Branch182301:38:02+00h09m47s21
Kyle McCoy1045802:05:11+00h36m5660
Olaf Harmsen 11500:00:0000:00:00
Kirsten Landman1176902:07:18+00h39m03s55
Graeme Sharp 1428302:16:43+00h48m28s74
Matt Tisdale 14310003:37:05+02h08m50s96
Gerben Lieverdink 14600:00:0000:00:00
Phillip Wilson 1524701:57:3900h29m24s53
Phillip Turner15300:00:0000:00:00
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