Stage 6



918 KM - S: 358 KM


Today was a tough day for our riders with 562km of liaison and a 357km special stage. The crew was also on their way early today to cover about 650km to the bivouac in Riyadh. While we drove into a beautiful sunrise this morning, it promised to be a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, the closer we got to the bivouac, the worse the weather. Despite the fact that we are on a paved bivouac this time it is very wet everywhere and the water flows through the tent. It was hard for the drivers, especially the connection from the special stage. Riders arrived at the bivouac very late and completely soaked. The organization has decided to cancel the stage tomorrow. Our drivers will depart from Riyadh at 10:00 AM towards Al Duwadimi (476km.). An extra marathon has been scheduled, which means that the riders will not return to the bivouac tomorrow and will therefore spend the night in the bivouac of Al Duwadimi without the assistance of mechanics.

Respect for our mechanics because the ultimates is asked of them in recent days. Last night they went to bed at 01:30 am with the first mechanics ready at 03:00 am for the departure of the first drivers. At the moment they are once again working hard to get everything ready again for the departure tomorrow.