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Cesar Rojo

“In the Dakar 2021, in the stage of arrival at Neom, a journey of more than 700 kilometers, with many stones and a slow pace, I covered more than 50 kilometers at night until I reached the finish line, illuminated only by the light of my motorcycle I was a bit scared, but luckily I was able to finish well. When I crossed the final goal, I felt great satisfaction, because after such a hard year due to the pandemic and precarious preparation, I made it. Having improved the result in those conditions was a great joy”.

“We face the 2023 race with better physical preparation and I have been able to do some quality training in the Moroccan desert. My goal in the 2023 Dakar, now with assistance, is to be able to reach all the stages more rested. I will be able to drive more safely. And the other objective is to improve the result in the general classification”.

“The key is concentration. On the downhill bike you don’t go as fast, but the obstacles are closer. Racing in the open field on a motorcycle is a very different feeling. I hope that this year there will be enough dunes because it is what I have enjoyed the most in Abu Dhabi by far. They are more technical and the experience of the bike helps me to know how to take my feet off the footpegs to balance the balance of the bike”.

“I know that I have to save energy and not destroy myself physically the first few days. But I will go with the same mentality as in Morocco, starting more or less quiet and improving day by day. I was surprised to finish in the top 15 in Rally 2 in Morocco because I had never raced on a motorcycle and had done little navigation. I want to enjoy it to the fullest and the idea is to finish the stages one hour behind the winner.

About me


The passion for the motor runs in the family. His father, César Rojo senior, competed on a trial motorcycle and was the one who passed the baton as general director of KTM Spain to Marc Coma. For this reason, César Rojo had known for a long time that he would go to the Dakar to fulfill a dream that he always had since he was little. Before, he dedicated himself to the downhill bike from 1996 to 2001, a modality in which he was crowned 3 times champion of Spain and finished several times in the Top-10 of the World Cup. Now, years later, he is still involved in both of his passions with his company, in which he is in charge of engineering KTM road bikes and bicycles. Some time ago he made the decision to go to the toughest event in the world on a motorcycle, but the pandemic forced him to wait until 2023. He has learned navigation with the help of an illustrious friend, Jordi Viladoms, and made his career debut in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and the Rally of Morocco to put into practice everything learned. In the Moroccan event, he finished among the Top-15 of Rally 2, a result that fills him with enthusiasm for his great challenge, the Dakar 2023.