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Tomas de Gavardo

“The first week of the Dakar was very tough. We endured rain and cold, and there were very treacherous sections. That’s why I had perhaps too conservative of an approach, which reflected in the times. In the second week, I pushed harder and managed to break into the top 50. How did I experience the whole thing? No race compares to it: 8 days, a rest day, and then another 8 days. No one prepares you for that. It’s the mind that works to achieve adaptation.”

“It was a wonderful experience working with Bas World KTM. It’s a super professional team, and I consider it the best among private teams. Having a spot there gives me a lot of confidence. Alongside Cox, Lucci, Doveze, and the others, I feel like we’re part of a second generation of good riders. Francisco Arredondo, who raced with my dad, shares stories with us… My goal for this Dakar is to improve my position, be among the top 15 in Rally2, and between 30th and 40th overall. I haven’t decided on my plans for 2024, but I would like to add more races and maybe compete in the World Cross Country Bajas Championship.”

About me

Tomás de Gavardo made his debut in the 2023 edition of the Saudi Dakar, finishing 33rd in the Rally2 group and 50th overall in the Motorcycle category. The son of the renowned pilot Carlo de Gavardo (1969-2015), Tomás began practicing motorcycling at the age of 6 in the enduro specialty of the Chilean national championship. The 24-year-old aspiring pilot has countless memories from his childhood associated with the Dakar. Every December, his father would prepare “as if going to war.” Growing up in that environment, he shaped his dream of participating in this competition. At the age of 14, he started participating in the National Enduro Championship for adults, leading to victories and national titles. His father and grandfather, Giorgio, accompanied him on these journeys to competitions.

In 2016, Tomás decided to transition to the rally specialty, leveraging his natural connection with the desert. Iquique, Copiapó, and La Serena were the settings for his initial ventures. In 2018, he competed in the Atacama Rally, a traditional event in his country. Following that competition, he decided he needed to try his luck beyond national borders. He then began his international career, winning the title of Junior Champion in the Cross Country Bajas World Cup in 2019 and finishing as the runner-up in 2020. After participating in several rallies in the Junior category in 2021, he had his first experience with the Bas World KTM team at the Andalucía Rally in 2022, becoming part of a new generation of Dakar-associated pilots, including Cox, Dabrowski, and De Gavardo.

Apart from competing in the Dakar, De Gavardo achieved a top-ten position in the Desert Challenge of Morocco in the 2023 season. Eager to represent his country well, Tomás aims to improve his standings, position himself among the best in Rally2, and participate in more competitions in 2024.