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Tosha Schareina

The truth is that my performance in my first Dakar in 2021 surprised me, because I went practically unprepared. We started the project and everything was very fast. I went from less to more, because at the beginning I had to adapt to the race. Every day I was improving results and in the end I was 13th overall, the second best rookie in the edition and the best motorcycle in the series marathon category. I did not compete in 2022 because we started the project very late. We started with Jorge Martínez Aspar and GasGas in October, November and December and we prepared for the Dakar 2023.

For the first time in our lives, we have been able to prepare well for the Dakar. I’m looking forward to it, with a good team, a good bike and good preparation. All the ingredients for it to turn out well. I don’t want to talk about results, but I think that everything can turn out very well. Getting to be on an official motorcycle in the future? I am young, at the moment we are taking the appropriate steps and I believe that little by little, if we work in the same line and we are obtaining results, I believe that everything will come. If I am the future of Spain in the Dakar on motorcycles? You never know. What is clear to me is that I want to be.

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Tosha Schareina returns to the Dakar in 2023 and wants to do it big. In the 2022 edition he was one of the most important casualties in the motorcycle category after his surprising and successful debut in the toughest race in the world in 2021. In his debut in 2021 he was one of the protagonists, with a great 13th place final and as second best ‘rookie’. He was to be consecrated in 2022, but he did not arrive in time to sign up for the ambitious project that he started with Jorge Martínez Aspar. With his support, Tosha Schareina arrives at the 2023 Dakar on the back of a standard GasGas and the BAS world KTM racing team with which he believes he can once again play a very good role. Youth and a lot of talent come together in a driver who has shone again this year and who feels much more comfortable in rallies thanks to his constant improvement in navigation. An example of this are his 2022 results: he won the Baja Aragón, was sixth in the Andalucía Rally and Top-10 in the Morocco Rally. He wants to gain a foothold in an official team in the future and be an icon of motorcycles in the Dakar of the present and the future for all of Spain. The Valencian rider first had a stint in motocross and then an outstanding career in the Enduro World Championship for several seasons. At 25 he faced his first Dakar in 2021 without being able to imagine that it would end with a major result. His arrival at the Dakar caused a sensation. He returns in 2023 to continue growing and give a lot to talk about.